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The following are questions homeowners most frequently ask. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to e-mail us with your question. It's fast and easy...simply click here.

1. How long does the replumbing take?
Answer: An average home will be replumbed in 5 working days.

2. Will we have to move out during the work?
Answer: No. We respect your privacy and do our best to work around your needs. It isn't much different than painting your home.

3. Does someone need to be home during the work?
Answer: No. Just meet our crew the first day to show us around. We'll do our work and clean up every night. In fact, we will leave you a progress note each evening.

"We decided to have your team come into our home while we were away on vacation, entrusting our home to your team. They went out of their way to ensure our house looked even better!"
----Charles J. Garner, Atlanta, GA

4. Will my water be turned off?
Answer: Yes, but only during the day while we're working on the system. We will restore water service each evening for your convenience.

5. If I have questions during the work, will you explain things to me?
Answer: Of course.

"Every single crew member was efficient, courteous, prompt and endlessly patient in answering our questions."
----Ken Maynard - Burke, VA

6. Do I have to move anything out of the way?
Answer: We ask that you move any fragile pieces and personal property. Other than that, our customers will tell you that our crews respect your home and personal property and treat it as their own. We carefully move and protect anything that requires extra special care.

7. Does this work need a permit?
Answer: Yes, in fact it is critical that a permit be obtained to ensure the work meets your specific code requirements and upon completion, the work is properly inspected. In fact, some jurisdictions allow self inspection when the contractor meets the high standards of the jurisdiction. In jurisdictions that allow self inspection, we have met or exceeded their requirements.

8. What about all of the dust and construction debris?
Answer: No problem. This is one of our trade secrets. But here's what our clients say...

"We expected you to create a mess and had some skepticism on the outcome. However, your crews not only went out of their way to minimize the impact, but also did a beautiful job. They are true professionals. I would recommend them anytime. Their attention to detail, flawless workmanship and the way they cleaned the work area each day were especially appreciated."
----Scott S. Pinckey - Fairfax, VA

9. Some people have told me that you need to take out the walls. Is that true?
Answer: Not true. We only need to make relatively unobtrusive cuts at very strategically placed areas. That's part of our success. With more than 45,000 replumbs completed, we have perfected the process.

10. Will you be able to see where the walls and ceilings were patched?
Answer: Our expert craftsmen have mastered this technique. Many homeowners tell us...

"[O]ur house looked even better!"
----Charles A. James Jr. - Herndon, VA

11. Do you change the underground water main?
Answer: We can change the service that connects your home to the city water supply. However, this is a different process, therefore we provide separate estimates for interior work and exterior underground work.

12. Do you offer a warranty?
Answer: Yes. In fact, we are so proud of our work that we offer 20 and 40-year warranties covering our interior repipe craftsmanship. That's probably more than you're used to receiving from other companies you've dealt with. We guarantee our work.

13. Do you offer financing?
Answer: Yes. We offer financing options to suit your particular needs.

14. Can we pay you at the time of closing out of escrow?
Answer: Certainly. For homeowners in the process of buying or selling a home, we can accommodate you and make arrangements for payment out of escrow.

15. Will you guarantee a completion date?
Answer: Absolutely. We know our job better than anyone in the business. There are no surprises we cannot handle within the guaranteed completion date.

"Our claimant called and could not say enough about you all. She was extremely pleased with the professionalism of your team. She stated that they bent over backwards to get all of the work done in 3 days. She also stated that her home doesn't even look like a replumb went is perfect!"
----National Claims Adjusting Company
16. Can you do some other painting or plumbing while you are here?
Answer: Yes, in most of our services areas, we offer a full range of plumbing services, as well as interior drywall and painting services. In fact, you'll save time and money by scheduling other work while we are already at your home.

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