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How Do I Get Rid of Polybutylene?

As the Nation's leading polybutylene remediator, we have mastered the process.

"In the 46 years I have been in this business, I have never worked with a better group."
----Bob Taylor, Property Manager

There are two types of poly replacement, Interior and Exterior. Exterior poly runs from the main street lines serviced by the city to your house. You are responsible for the portion from your home to the city hook up. And many of these underground lines were installed using poly.

Interior poly lines run inside your home, behind your walls and under your floors. Following is information pertaining to how to replace both, Interior and Exterior poly.

* * *

EXTERIOR: There are several factors that determine the process of replacing your underground water main. First, you must consider the depth underground. In the "Sun Belt" where the frost line is shallow, a trencher is used for excavation because it is economical for clients, and it causes very little damage to the landscaping. When a trencher is used, the entire job takes about six hours, and your yard will show very few signs of all the work that went into installing the water main.

"Last Sunday my exterior polybutylene pipe broke. It caused a huge sink hole in the front yard and flooded my basement with about five inches of water."
----Sabrina Greer, Germantown, Maryland

In parts of the country where the frost line is deep, we frequently pull a device through the old line that splits it while simultaneously pulling new copper piping through the old, expanded line. For deep installations, this process is very economical and requires very little disturbance to your yard or interior. In a few instances, however, pulling the pipe is not feasible, so we must excavate a trench. When this process is used, the excavated dirt is piled onto plastic sheeting to protect your landscaping, and demolition of interior concrete is usually limited to a small area which is draped-off with plastic to control dust. With either process, the yard and interior concrete is restored as necessary, and the work is completed in about six to twelve hours.

* * *

INTERIOR: Our process begins by selectively cutting a limited number of holes in your walls. If you're like everyone else, you probably cringed at that initial thought. But here's the difference between our meticulous work and many of the general service plumbers. Prior to making a single cut in your walls, we map out your home first.

Then our technicians strategically decide on where to make the least number of cuts to do the job right. If someone tells you they need to start ripping apart entire walls, escort them out of your home. And if someone tells you they can't do the drywall themselves, you know you're in trouble. Our experts provide you with a turnkey operation from plumbing to drywall to final restoration and computerized matching of your paint.

In an average-sized home, we make 20-30 discreetly placed cuts. From these entry points we install brand-new copper plumbing. When we make a cut, we carefully mark each panel so we can replace the same panel in the same spot...the same way it came out.

Once we've secured the panels in place, we begin the process of expertly restoring the walls to a condition better than when we started.

"We decided to have your team come into our home while we were away on vacation, entrusting our home to your team. They went out of their way to ensure our house looked even better!"
----Charles J. Garner, Atlanta, GA
We often hear..."I can't believe it. My home looks better now than before you started." In fact, we have hundreds of testimonials like these. You're certainly welcome to read the letters we've received from our customers. All of our managers and supervisors carry a three-ring binder full of them. Some of the comments from these letters are featured on this website at our "Pictures and Testimonials" page.

Back to the restoration process. Once the panels are replaced, our expert drywall and finishing crews begin the process of taping, plastering, sanding, painting, and even a few secret touches we like to keep in the family. When they've finished, your home is inspected at each stage by one of our master technicians. When he is finished, your home is inspected by one of our managers. Before we consider the job complete, our entire team must be satisfied. Only then do we inspect the home with you to make sure everything meets with your approval.

"We thought replumbing an entire home would be a disaster, but you have made it look easy. THANKS!"
----The Brandons, Raleigh, NC
The Nation's Finest

We are the nation's finest polybutylene remediation company. When it comes to removing polybutylene and installing a new plumbing system, our team of professionals exceeds all customer expectations.

Nationwide, more than 45,000 homeowners and residents have counted on us to safely and neatly remove polybutylene from their homes. In fact, we have received a 100% performance rating from an independent auditor inspecting our work.

"I have never before witnessed such a disciplined and talented group of craftsmen working on my home. The wall board repair looks even better than the original installation. I would not hesitate to recommend your company for future work."
----R.J. Larkin, Seaford DE
Our team is made up of master plumbers, plumbing technicians, drywall experts, carpenters, painters and a variety of other craftsman. We are fully licensed, insured, extraordinarily particular...and very friendly. Give us a call at one of the numbers listed below and see for yourself.

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